A CHILD IS BORN in English

‘ A child is born ‘ is an essay by Germaine Greer. It is an extract from her book ‘ sex and Destiny. The politics of human fertility. This piece explore the cultural peculiarities of the east and the west regarding child birth and parent child relationship. The author is a celebration feminist whose works explore the social and cultural practices associated with the status of women in our society. In this piece, she brings to the fore, the ways plus practices of managing child birth in traditional societies and compare them with that of the west or advanced societies.

she says the ways of managing child birth in traditional societies are varied & countless and primarily governed by the customs. Rituals etc. Of that social set ups. Though the cause of child birth in traditional societies are fraught with potential catastrophes, yet the resultant anxiety related with all these are manageable thanks to a community like approach to pregnancy & child birth. The author says that the lack of technological advancement in traditional societies has a disastrous impact upon the lives of birth women and children as the possibility of infant and mother mortality is greater. Summary A child is born in English.

The east and the west have different approaches to child birth as well as the whole matters related to pragnancy. The author gives an example of a university students from America who has been si particular form the first week of her pregnancy as she used to make charts of her daily nutritional needs, exercises, yoga, regular medical cheek ups… etc.

The cultural uniqueness plays an important role in matters of child birth & pregnancy. The author presents some case studies, done by experts on the said topic in order to illustrate her points. This essay also brings a critical assessment of the status of women in the east & the west. the author talks about a truism of anthropology that says about those women who still go forth from their mother houses at marriage to live with mother in law and the wives of their husbands brothers and such women do not become members of their new family untill they have borne a child.

The western interpretation of such practice or custom is that of back wardness, cruelty & wrongness, it is as sumed, as the author points out, that the sexual relations between the spouses in such societies are perfunctory and exploitations and that all mothers in law are unjust and vindictive.



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